Good Friday Readings – Happy Grieving!

Dear CVCC Family,
Since we can’t have Good Friday Service tonight, I put together a list of Scriptures you can read as a family or as an individual.  See below.
These texts will take you into the Upper Room and then, following Jesus, you’ll walk with Him all the way to the tomb.
Let you emotions identify with Jesus and with His followers as you read.
Weeping is allowed as you stand at the foot of the cross and absorb the disappointment, despair, and fear the disciples experienced as they saw their dreams give up His spirit on the cross.
One of my mentors once said, “The more we grieve over the cross on Friday, the more we’ll rejoice over the resurrection on Sunday!”
So, happy grieving!
God bless you!
In His love and service,
Pastor Stephen  : )


Good Friday Readings


Luke 22:7-16

John 13:1-17

Mark 14:18-21

John 13:34-38

Matthew 26:26-30



Mark 14:32-42

John 18:2-12


Jewish Trial

Matthew 26:69-75

Matthew 27:1


Roman Trial

Matthew 27:2-10

John 18:29-38

Matthew 27:15-21

John 19:1-15

Luke 23:24-25



Mark 15:20-27

Matthew 27:39-44

Luke 23:39-44

Mark 15:34-35

Luke 23:46

Matthew 27:51-54



John 19:31-42